• Danny Lee

Groove Media's Sim Racing Photography is Next Level

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Take a look at some screenshots I commissioned Andy Taylor of Groove Media to produce in order to help with my promotional material supporting our campaigns in the Apex Racing League GT Championship and World GT Championship (WGTC). Andy is a Sim Photographer that produces max quality screenshots that are designed to display iRacing cars at their best possible level. He currently produces the shots and images for the Apex Racing League series’ that they use on the site for their news articles which is where we saw his output. I then sought him out to produce our own bespoke shots in the poses and positions requested and as you’ll surely agree, they are far, far more spectacular than anything I or most folks will be able to produce within the iRacing sim environment. For anyone that happens to be representing real life brands and teams in any way, producing a knockout visual piece like this can shift your audiences perception away from video game and more towards legitimate artwork and advertising. Follow and contact andy via Instagram and Facebook and check out all his work here

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