About Danny Lee

Creating Constructive Media For Enthusiasts And Fans of Sim Racing and Motorsport

I am a motorsport enthusiast that uses my passion for sim racing to produce content such as guides, reviews and livestreams for a wide audience. With my content I aim to demystify as much as possible and encourage more burgeoning racing fans into simulated motorsports where they can experience a level of fun and friendly competition like no other.

Ultimately, by building a strong personal brand I aim to ignite an opportunity to turn my passion into the real thing.

Audience and Reach


By far my biggest engagement is currently the Youtube platform, with approx 100,000 video views per month and over 18,000 subscribers.

My content is focused on broadly popular topics such as hardware and beginner-to-advanced sim-racing techniques that aim to answer questions in a way that is easy to digest for the largest share of potential viewers as possible.